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Silent Night at Sunset



Silent Night At Sunset

Silent Night at Sunset is a contemporary jazz celebration of the Christmas story that will touch the soul and stir the spirit. All proceeds from this album go to Anglicare.

Pete Vance – vocals, Andy Vance – piano, Shaun Ballagh – sax and flute,
Paul Hudson – drums, Jeremy O’Connor - bass

-Listen to God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen -Listen to You've Got Those Christmas Blues You've Got Those Christmas Blues
-Listen to We Three Kings We Three Kings  

a bit of this


Janna Seeley: Voice, Andy Vance: Piano

a bit of this CD

A bit of this is the much anticipated debut album by talented young vocalist Janna Seeley. This beautiful duo recording is a fresh, contemporary jazz approach to famous hymns and originals by pianist Andy Vance. The bluesy title track a bit of this is a quirky take on the well-known verses from Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 about the seasons.
From the evocative Amazing Grace to the soaring Servant King, Janna’s captivating voice blended with Andy’s sensitive accompaniment takes you on a spiritual journey which will delight the soul.

Listen to I Have No King But Jesus -a bit of this Listen to I Have No King But Jesus -Amazing Grace
Listen to I Have No King But Jesus -Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus  

Available for purchase through Koorong

I Have No King But Jesus

Andy Vance: Solo Piano

AVM 0012

I Have No King But Jesus CD


This 7th CD of hymns and originals is Andy’s 2nd Solo Piano album of traditional and contemporary sacred music. The 15 tracks vary in style and mood…. from the funky Power in the Blood, the driving Thine Be The Glory, to the contemplative One Church One Faith One Lord. Enjoy this wonderful new musical offering … sometimes it can leave you with no place to hide!

Andy Vance – Piano

Listen to I Have No King But Jesus -I Have No King But Jesus Listen to Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah - Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah
Listen to There is Power In The Blood -There is Power In The Blood  

I Have No King but Jesus CD was Album of the week on ABC Radio Brisbane 612 on the “Mornings with Steve Austin” program (October 2014)

Available for purchase through Koorong

Just As I Am

Andy Vance: Solo Piano

AVM 0011

Just As I Am CD

In this collection of Andy’s interpretation of the traditional hymn repertoire, the listener is taken on a spiritual journey …. ebbing and flowing through many contemporary jazz styles. Raw emotions are on display here, with much loved hymns such as the Latinesque Just As I Am, the swinging And Can It Be and Joyful Joyful, to the pensive ballad I Surrender All…. Enjoy the experience!

Andy Vance – Piano

Listen to Joyful Joyful -Joyful Joyful Listen to Just As I Am -Just As I Am

The Just As I Am CD was Album of the Week on ABC Radio Brisbane 612 on the "Mornings with Steve Austin" program (September 2013).

Available for purchase and download via CDbaby http://cdbaby.com/cd/andyvance

The Truth


PVCD 001

The Truth CD

Peter Vance has brought together a strong collection of jazz standards and originals, arranged by Andy Vance and joined by three of Brisbane’s finest jazz musicians.

Peter Vance – vocals, Andy Vance – piano, Shannon Marshall – trumpet, Jeremy O’Connor – bass and Paul Hudson – drums.

Listen to Brothers -Brothers  


Gospel Groove
GGM 2010 0801

Transit CD

"Listening to Transit reminds me of Josef Zawinul's comment 'jazz music is the music of now'. Jazz musicians play musical phrases of their most 'now' expression possible. Sharing the 'now' is precious. The fellowship and connection muisicians experience together is different every time, diffuclt to describe, though I think it involves a decision to freely accept and trust. What a challenge!! It's beautiful that the Holy Spirit is with us, moving in us an acceptance and trust of the living word, potentially for each moment. I marvel at our humanity, our mix of cultures, artistic journeys, and our faith in God. For me, Andy Vance's When You're Near Me is the central tender prayer of this recording. I also love the fun of the varied jazz styles played. Artistry and craft are mixed here with a wonderment of praise.
Thank you Andy Vance, Con Campbell, John Morrison, Greg Ambroisine and Peter Kohlhoff."
Kevin Hunt

Greg Ambroisine – trumpet, Con Campbell – saxophone, Peter Kohlhoff – bass,
John Morrison
– drums, Andy Vance - piano

Listen to Baker Man -Baker Man Listen to When You're Near Me -When You're Near Me

Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

Andy Vance Quartet
Newmarket Music
NEW 3247.2

Jesu Joy CD

Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring is the latest release by innovative Australian Jazz pianist Andy Vance. In this exploration of traditional Church music the evocative title track draws a spiritual connection between J.S.Bach’s most famous piece and Contemporary Jazz.

The beautifully melodic playing of Greg Ambroisine (trumpet) sensitively supported by Vance’s piano trio (Andy Price – double bass, Tim Coghill – drums) takes the listener on a journey that is truly captivating. From the opening Miles Davis funk style All Glory Laud and Honour and the driving gospel rock of Oh When the Saints to the Parkeresque Dawn Till Dusk … hard driving exploits are interspersed with pensive reflections as in the title track, the muted Rock of Ages and the haunting Vance original ballads including Come Ring Those Bells and Fill me. Take the time to allow this CD to lead you on a journey… one that will be inspired by distant themes that could have been written yesterday.

Andy Vance – piano, Greg Ambroisine – trumpet, Andy Price - double bass, Tim Coghill - drums

Listen to Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring -Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring Listen to All Glory Laud and Honour -All Glory Laud and Honour

Bright and Beautiful
2CD Set

Andy Vance Trio

Bright & Beautiful CD

This CD set is a European compilation release of Amazing Grace and All Things Bright and Beautiful.

Silent Night

Andy Vance Trio
Newmarket Music
NEW 3225.2

Silent Night CD

This highly anticipated contemporary Jazz Christmas album includes captivating arrangements which explore the most popular Christmas Carols. All your favourites are here, from the mood provoking title track Silent Night and the pensive Hark The Herald Angels Sing to the driving We Three Kings, O Come All Ye Faithful and the quirky odd time rendition of Dancing in David’s City. A stunning variety of solos and styles abound as the Trio unwraps a fresh contemporary interpretation of the nativity story and presents Silent Night as a beautiful Christmas gift.

Andy Vance – piano, Andy Price – double bass, Ben Vanderwal - drums

Listen to Silent Night -Silent Night Listen to Good King Wenceslatin -Good King Wenceslatin


Silent Night
Live CD Launch DVD

Andy Vance Trio
MuseArts Digital Video Production

Silent Night DVD

A 1 hour live DVD snapshot of a selection of music from the Silent Night CD. The DVD showcases timeless Christmas Carols through the sensitive interplay of the Jazz Piano Trio.

Andy Vance – piano, Andy Price – double bass, Andy Gander – drums

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Andy Vance Trio
Newmarket Music
NEW 3216.2

All Things Bright & Beautiful CD

This inspiring Contemporary Jazz Trio have recorded a second beautiful collection of hymns and originals that span the centuries. From the opening Easter Sunday bop tribute Alleluia and the hauntingly lyrical title track to the driving gospel blues Victory Train, the canvas is set for a rich portrayal of a variety of moods and themes… Old and new are fully explored in both testament and music. In psalm … The Lord Is My Shepherd, in hymn… Blessed Assurance, and in revelation… Holy Holy Holy. The closing track… God is Our Refuge and Strength captures the evocative nature of the CD and takes you on the journey… the journey that is the Gospel.

Andy Vance – piano, Andy Price – double bass, Ben Vanderwal - drums

Listen to All Things Bright and Beautiful -All Things Bright and Beautiful Listen to Blessed Assurance -Blessed Assurance

Amazing Grace

Andy Vance Trio
Newmarket Music
NEW 3183.2

Amazing Grace CD

Recorded at Melbourne’s ABC Studios, this fine collection of traditional hymns and original pieces spans over twelve centuries. The Trio explores an array of Modern Jazz styles to enhance the simple nature of each refrain. Engaging and captivating… The dynamic range of this recording holds your attention… From the opening altar call How Great Thou Art and the upbeat waltz Be Thou my Vision to the reflective moods of Abide With Thee and Great Is Thy Faithfulness. Hold your hallelujahs for Ben Vandewal’s drumming exploits on the modal What A friend We have In Jesus and the funky hand slapping on Onward Christian Soldiers… then lose yourself and be uplifted in the pensive bass lines of Andy Price on Amazing Grace – a title track that says it all. The five originals are equal to the task and take us on lyrical journeys that challenge and embrace with every breath. A spiritual banquet awaits you. Come and feast on the delights of Amazing Grace… a trio CD that is a New Testament to Contemporary Jazz.

Andy Vance – piano, Andy Price – double bass, Ben Vanderwal - drums

Listen to Amazing Grace -Amazing Grace Listen to Onward Christian Soldiers -Onward Christian Soldiers

Lost in Space

Andy Vance Trio
Newmarket Music
NEW 3147.2

Lost in Space CD

This recording consists of 13 original pieces by Andy Vance, which have evolved over a number of years into a beautifully balanced mix of styles. The soloing by the Trio is intense yet succinct and is tastefully complemented by thoughtful rhythmic and harmonic interplay reminiscent of trios of the 50’s and 60’s. Nostalgia aside, this is stylish, contemporary Jazz… from cool ballads… And Personal, modern Latin tunes … Born Again, to the Parkeresque tribute to bassist Geoff Kluke, the driving Bop homage to Tommy Flanagan, the ponderous Swing of A Mobile phone Rang In Bourke Street Mall and the icy title track – Lost In Space. Embracing the past, present and future, Lost In Space is a CD for all time…

Andy Vance – piano, Geoff Kluke – double bass, Danny Fisher – drums

Listen to Lost in Space -Lost in Space Listen to Close Up -Close Up

An Acquaintance of Mine
2CD Set

Andy Vance and Victoria Stanborough
Newmarket Music
NEW 3119.2

An Acquaintance of Mine CD

This 2 CD set comprises 12 original songs by Andy Vance on CD#1, featuring vocalist Victoria Stanborough with the Andy Vance Trio. These beautifully crafted songs showcase a range of popular styles including Rock, Swing and Latin. The haunting melodies blended with the pure sensitivity of the Trio’s interaction makes this recording a memorable experience. The second CD titled Black Coffee, is a wonderful collection of much loved Jazz Standards, performed exquisitely by Vance and Stanborough within the framework of catchy arrangements. Titles include Night and Day, Embraceable You, Nice Work if You Can Get It, Love For Sale and It Might As Well Be Spring.

Andy Vance – piano, Geoff Kluke – double bass, Danny Fisher – drums

Listen to In the Year of the Outback -In The Year of the Outback Listen to Black Coffee -Black Coffee

Digital Flicks
2CD Set

Andy Vance and Andy Sugg
Newmarket Music
NEW 3095.2

Digital Flicks CD


This long awaited recording by this dynamic duo does not disappoint… A double CD of Vance’s original material shows a diverse interpretation of contemporary Jazz composition. There are burners such as Digital Flicks and Branch Stacking, as well as more reflective pieces such as Tenor Sadness and A Psalm For A Searching Soul. Andy Vance’s solo piano CD included in the package highlight a lyrical sensitivity in reflective moods… as in As Night is Falling and Velvet Toy. There are some surprises which are truly exhilarating in Busy Dude and Tommy Oh.

Andy Vance – piano, Andy Sugg – tenor saxophone

Listen to Distant Pictures -Distant Pictures Listen to Chasing the Barron -Chasing the Barron

Listen to Playtime -Playtime Listen to Velvet Toy -Velvet Toy


Andy Vance Trio
Independent Release

Voices CD


The Andy Vance Trio debut CD Voices is a dynamic exploration of original Contemporary Jazz. The 12 compositions (including 10 by Vance and 2 by bassist Murray Wilkins) push the boundaries with interplay that truly enhances the material. From sombre ballads… The Padre and Hymn For leaving Melbourne, to the driving Keeping Up With Hank and Elvin, Uh Oh, the Latinesque Voices and Where Did You Get That Hat, the Trio’s interpretation of the different genres is cavalier. Hold on to your hat!

Andy Vance – piano, Murray Wilkins – double bass, Frank Gibson – drums

Listen to Voices -Voices Listen to Keeping Up With Hank and Elvin -Keeping Up With Hank and Elvin

Piano Thunder From Down Under

176 Keys

176 Keys CD


Andy Vance teams up with his mentor Mickey Tucker in this exotic two-piano jaunt. Vance’s composition On a Beam is a sombre expose of fine interplay between the dueling waltzers… Call and response calls for your response to this enticing performance.

Mickey Tucker – piano, Andy Vance – piano, Annette Jenko – double bass, Sonja Horbelt – drums

Jim McLeod's Piano Jazz Tracks 2

Various Artists
ABC Records
846 223-2

Jim McLoud's Jazz Tracks 2 CD


This CD is a compilation of Australian Jazz Pianists. Andy Vance’s contribution is 2 beautifully reflective pieces, titled In The Wilderness and A Song For Ali (written for Andy’s wife). The sublime melodies and sense of unhurried space are truly engaging . . .

Listen to Song for Ali -Song for Ali Listen to In the Wilderness -In the Wilderness

Silent Movie
1989 - Cassette

Andy Vance and Andy Sugg
Newmarket Music
DEX 5346

Silent Movie Cassette


The second album by Vance and Sugg, this time as a quartet. Vance’s lyrical compositions are pushed to the limit with Sugg’s compelling solos…

Andy Vance – piano, Andy Sugg – tenor saxophone

Listen to Pastor Samba -Pastor Samba Listen to Honey on the Dunny -Honey on the Dunny

1987 - LP

Andy Vance / Andy Sugg Duo
Trees Music
AJLP 1041-A

Perspex LP


This is Vance’s first duo LP with Sugg. The fine contemporary writing and the extraordinary empathy between the two Andys makes for a memorable debut recording.

Andy Vance – piano, Andy Sugg – tenor saxophone

Listen to Almost Into -Almost Into Listen to Titian -Titian

Esso Jazz Summit
1986 - LP

Various Artists
ABC Records
L 45955 / 6

Esso Jazz Summit LP


The Andy Vance / Andy Sugg Duo captivated their audience on a balmy afternoon at Bondi Beach… Their contribution on this LP is an original track titled Chasing Your Tail. It is a soaring melodic composition which highlights the wonderful improvisational interaction between the two Andys. From the complex chordal harmonies in the early section to the spatial modal coda, this music takes your breath away…

1975 - LP

Self-titled Album
WEA Records

Chetarca LP


Andy Vance’s debut LP with his band Chetarca, is an extraordinary mix of styles, energy, improvisation and interaction. Vance is the principal writer and lyricist in the band. Chetarca appeared on the ABC TV proram CountDown on the release of Another Day, the single from the album. More than 3 decades later this album is highly sought after as a collector’s item, a testament to it’s ground-breaking originality…

Andy Vance – keyboards and vocals, John Rees – bass, Geoff Gallent – drums, Paul Lever – vocals and harmonica

Listen to Another Day -Another Day Listen to Chetarca -Chetarca

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