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It is rare to find a highly skilled musician who has outstanding teaching ability. As well as being a performer of the highest calibre, Andy Vance is one of Australia’s most gifted and inspiring Music educators. He is well known and highly respected, with extensive experience in guiding students of all ages and backgrounds. Students Australia-wide seek his knowledge and teaching skills and enjoy his highly successful methods of improvisation.

Many of Andy’s students have pursued a career in the Music Industry as performers, teachers, composers and band-leaders. Andy has influenced a generation of younger Jazz Pianists, encouraging them to push the boundaries in this ever-changing art form. He has taught at the Victorian College of the Arts and held the position of Lecturer in Jazz Piano at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts from 1995-2000.

Areas of Teaching Expertise

Areas of Teaching Expertise

Prospective Students

One on one private lessons are tailored to meet individual needs. Andy prefers to teach students who have a reasonable level of proficiency on their instrument ie. intermediate to advanced level. To get the most out of lessons a regular commitment to practice is essential. Many Classical pianists learn from Andy to explore popular music and improvisation for the first time. Other instrumentalists are encouraged to build on their existing improvisational skills. Singers with some piano skills can learn to accompany themselves. Jazz Piano students develop a sound theoretical foundation and a solid technique as they dip into different styles through varied improvisation methods, based on standards and pop music repertoire. Andy also teaches the highly popular AMEB Piano for Leisure Syllabus, at all levels. This series is particularly useful for pianists who wish to gain an overview of popular styles, have limited time and may wish to sit exams.




Andy is passionate about teaching improvisation! He is highly qualified in this area. His approach can be used by pianists, instrumentalists and singers. Students learn to improvise on the melodies and chord progressions of simple Jazz standards. Exploring harmonic and rhythmic concepts, students are introduced to the various Jazz Piano styles such as Swing, Be-bop, Latin and Contemporary. Andy adds to the fun and joy of learning to improvise by accompanying on the electric piano and soloing over chord progressions on his trusty melodica . . . a favourite teaching tool.

Example of improvisation over the chords of Black Orpheus:

Extract from "Black Orpheus"


Lessons with Andy Vance

Lessons are conducted at Andy’s new teaching studio in Mornington in Victoria.

Lessons are given during School Terms, in a relaxed, friendly environment.


Fee Structure and Attendance Policy

The following information outlines the cost of lessons as well as Terms and Conditions relating to attendance.

  • The cost of a half-hour lesson is $40.00. Fees are charged on a Term basis, being calculated by the number of weeks in the school term, ie. fees for a 10 week Term will be $400.00.
  • Casual one-off lessons are $80.00 (up to 1 hour).
  • Fees are payable in advance, due on or before the first lesson of each Term.
  • In the case of illness, 24 hours notice is required to cancel a lesson. Another lesson time may be offered during that week, if available.
  • Lessons unattended, without 24 hours notification, will be charged. Lessons missed do not carry over into the next Term.
  • As fees are charged on a Term basis, the full Term’s fees are payable if students take holidays or personal leave.
  • A replacement lesson will be arranged at a mutually convenient time within the Term, if the teacher is sick or absent.
  • Lesson fees will not be refunded, as each student’s time is kept for them during the Term.
  • Lessons are usually given on Public holidays.
  • Payment of fees and signing the "Acceptance of Terms and Conditions" contract implies full acceptance of the above Terms and Conditions.

Download these Terms and Conditions (printable version)


These fees are current as of 2021


Email Andy Vance to enquire about lessons: lessons@andyvancemusic.com

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